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  1. Explore the infinite possibilities and solutions born of Love.
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  3. Embrace your life, every moment, everything and everyone.
  4. Plug into Truth. Truth doesn't just set you free, it reveals fears, ends separation, nourishes trust. Truth is the antidote to suffering.

About LiberatingTouch®

LiberatingTouch® (LT) primarily is a healing art that can assist you in living an aware, illuminating and joyful life. It was created by Eddie and Ranjana Appoo to help their clients reclaim their power, let go of limiting beliefs and stories, heal trauma, practice detachment and return to Joy. LT can be successfully utilised together with many healing disciplines and opens countless possibilities. Liberating Touch® has often been referred to by students as the practice of Love and Truth (LT).

It has 11 Core processes including the Detachment Process, 36 Sequences and 108 Variations. This art reveals practical pathways to Self-Awakening and Self-Realisation. If practiced diligently the seeker can lovingly peel away the layers that separate one from Bliss and Truth. The purpose of LiberatingTouch® is to encourage the Spiritual Regeneration of Humanity through Love and Truth.

There are four tenets at the heart of LiberatingTouch​®​ : TRUTH, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, PEACE and LOVE.

  • Truth is the guiding Philosophy and power of LT.
  • Self-Responsibility directs the transformative Action of LT.
  • Peace and detachment are at the heart of LT Psychology.
  • Love is what makes this work, it is the healing power that underlies the Art of LT.

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About the Creators

Ranjana and Eddie Appoo are the authors of “Detachment-The Secret to Infinite Peace” and Directors of EHC Training. They are both experts in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Jin Shin Jyutsu and are EFT International accredited Trainers.

“Our life  and work are focused on embodying Love and Truth. We are wellness educators, energy therapists and spiritual teachers. We enjoy the drama of life, the drama on the big screen, and love being creative and having fun. Every now and then we get distracted. At the end of the day, communion with God and the joy of serving humanity is what matters to us.” Ranjana and Eddie

Eddie and Ranjana attribute all their insights, experiences, inspiration and gifts with deep gratitude to their Spiritual Master, Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

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LiberatingTouch Updates and News

You can now book transformative sessions with certified Liberating Touch® Facilitators. To find out more click here

Here is an invitation for you to  Return to Joy by embarking on a Gratitude project for 40 Days (just under 7 weeks) Link to the pdf document: Amplify Gratitude in your life for 40 Days

Upcoming  Events

10th August 2019, The LiberatingTouch® Foundations Day

19 – 27th September 2019, The LiberatingTouch® 8 Day Heart of Understanding Class, Avecasta, Portugal

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