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LiberatingTouch® is an inclusive healing practice that weaves together, Meditative Inquiry, Intuitive Listening, Breath Awareness, Touch with Awareness, Story Telling, Dreams and Metaphors, Drawing, Music, Movement, Creative Visualisation, Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Connecting with the Infinite (Illumined) Self (I S), and the experiential knowledge of the forces that shape us. It is a heart-centred discipline aimed at helping you live a fulfilling, illuminating, and joyful life.

Created by Eddie and Ranjana Appoo to help their students, clients, and fellow truth seekers  reclaim their power, let go of limiting beliefs, heal painful stories, resolve trauma, practice detachment, and return to Joy. LT can be successfully utilised alongside other healing disciplines and spiritual practices.

LiberatingTouch® comprises of 11 Core processes including the Detachment Process, 36 Sequences and 108 Variations. This art reveals practical pathways to Self-Realisation. If practiced diligently the seeker can lovingly peel away the layers that separate one from Truth. The purpose of LiberatingTouch® is to encourage the Spiritual Regeneration of Humanity.

There are four tenets (key principles) at the heart of LiberatingTouch®, they are TRUTH, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, PEACE and LOVE.

Truth is the guiding Philosophy and Intuitive wisdom of LiberatingTouch®

Self-Responsibility   directs the compassionate Practice of LiberatingTouch® 

Peace and Detachment are at the centre of LiberatingTouch® Presence

Love is the basis of this work, it is the Power that underpins the Art of LiberatingTouch®

This dynamic healing art incorporates Vedanta philosophy, Self- Responsible activity, the practice of Peace using the breath and the hands, and compassionate understanding that is the hallmark of infinite Love. It also includes elements of Emotional Freedom Techniques, Jin Shin Jyutsu, common sense, explorations in subtle energy, investigations into the way the mind stores suffering, and the transformative power of art and music. 

LiberatingTouch® is a way of uncreating suffering, confusion, judgement, pain, fear, lack of confidence, trauma, and the many scars of the mind so that you can experience and share Truth, Love, Joy, Beauty, Enthusiasm, Compassion and Peace.

Step into wholeness and healing

With LiberatingTouch you embark on a healing adventure to wholeness and understanding. You learn that you are not the broken pieces you think, feel or sense, you are Conscious Awareness, you are the Peace (Joy) that you seek.