Love and Gratitude

Love is the basis and power of LiberatingTouch. With LT we invite you to love yourself, love others and love Truth (the Totality, God, the Consciouness that pervades all time and space...). In Creation this Love reveals itself as infinte gratitude, and the peace that passeth understanding. Thank you, for this opportunity to share the Love. 

Sharing the Joy...  


I'm so grateful for my LT journey, my life has been completely transformed. My faith has been restored. I have faced my disempowering thoughts and I now feel connected to my intuition and more open-hearted. My greatest miracle working with LT was passing my driving test. This was truly a desire fulfilled and has given me more freedom. I can now appreciate detachment and the gifts of letting go and although this is still work in progress I feel held and so thankful to be part of the LT community and witness profound healing. Thank you for helping me from the darkness into light.


LiberatingTouch is compassionate living, limitless love, and true unity


It is with heartfelt gratitude that I experience this integration process from the last LiberatingTouch workshop. I'm experiencing less fear and more joy.


LiberatingTouch is the application of techniques/practices for the mind-body to know and experience the freedom of the spiritual (true) Self, which is Love & Truth.


Connection with Divine Love, the Knowing Loving Self. Words fail me - to explain how much Liberating Touch has helped me and my clients.


LiberatingTouch is an exploratory technique and toolkit to help clear, process and navigate life's experiences.


LiberatingTouch provides a safe, non judgmental space to lovingly become aware of the many ways we can step away from our True Self.


Liberating Touch is a transformative and healing process, by making enquiries of yourself through connection via the Illumined Self - Liberating yourself from suffering, confusion and pain to healing, peace and love


The Detachment Process helps me live with equanimity (Peace), in unconditional Love, have the clarity to discern the Truth and act Dharmically (Responsibly)


With Liberating Touch, I have acquired real-magical tools for the discovering of myself, making peace within and the meaning of what Freedom is for me. The emotional power behind these discoveries is so beautiful and graceful and I am absolutely grateful to Ranjana and Eddie for their loving teaching.



LiberatingTouch liberates you to be present to the moment, to the pain, trauma or question in front of you, and to reach in and touch it with love.


With LiberatingTouch® You Can

  • Explore the infinite possibilities and solutions born of Love.
  • Discover the power of Peace and Self-Responsibility in your hands and breath.
  • Embrace your life, every moment, everything and everyone.
  • Plug into Truth. Truth doesn't just set you free, it reveals fears, ends separation, nourishes trust. Truth is the antidote to suffering.