Awaken Awareness with the Breath and the Hands. Dialogue with the mind-body using the 5 sensory organs. BE the Constant Integrated Awareness. KNOW (heal) My Self with LiberatingTouch®By holding the Energy Balancing Locations, paying attention to your breath you can create shifts in vibration and perception.

The mind and emotions impact the body, life and environment. Once we understand this, we can use simple effective ways to bring balance and equilibrium to the body-mind by engaging the energy field. With touch and breath awareness we can heal and balance Anxiety, Anger, Sadness, Guilt, Shame, Regret, Resentment and any other negative emotional states. By simply holding the Energy Balancing Locations while tuning into what makes us afraid, we can transform FEAR emotions, pain and stress and witness them dissolve into the light of loving awareness.

Detachment and Peace

In today’s climate there seems to be a growing hunger to know, how we can live our Truth, live in peace, share joy and be kind towards ourselves and others. How can we put into practice the ancient and esoteric wisdom that is now becoming available to us? How can we heal the suffering in our mind and illuminate the wisdom in our Heart? How can we let go? How can we be detached and compassionate? How can we reclaim our confidence and power? The LiberatingTouch® Detachment Process can help you to stay centred, loving and true to the dictates of the Self. 

Most times we don't feel peace because we are either not getting what we want, or we are being triggered by people, circumstances and old conditioned belief systems. Detachment can help us find peace in any situation. Below you will find an exercise to help you cultivate detachment. 

Once you teach the mind to detach from the story of fear, suffering and pain, Peace, Love and Bliss become your nature.

The Infinity Exercise For Detachment

The ‘Infinity Exercise’ is part of the LiberatingTouch® Detachment Process and is a visualisation technique, where you visualise or imagine that you are in one loop of a large ‘Infinity symbol’ and the object, symbol or person that you need to detach from is in the opposite loop of the ‘Infinity symbol’. You then visualise a ‘white serpent of light’ moving along the path of the ‘Infinity symbol’ (clockwise or counter-clockwise), looping around you and then looping around the ‘other’, as illustrated in the diagram below.

As you do this your thoughts will create a vortex of energy spinning around you in one direction and spinning around the loop in front of you in the opposite direction. Physics tells us that objects spinning in opposite directions cannot come together but will pull apart. A vortex will also pull everything to its centre, just like water in a sink which spirals as it drains out. When we do this exercise, we are communicating to the subconscious, in symbolic language, to deprogram our attachment to the object, person or symbol in the loop opposite us. Therefore, the subconscious will free the energy locked in the conditioned process and allow us to reclaim our power. In effect, it is breaking the pattern of control (fear). The mind is extremely powerful and thoughts can manifest energetically (as you think so it becomes).

This exercise can be used whenever you feel that you are reacting to someone or something, even during a phone call, or when conversing with someone. All you have to do is put yourself in one loop of the Infinity symbol, and the person or object in the other loop and visualise the ‘white serpent of light’ going along the path of the ‘Infinity symbol’, till your reaction stops, or till you experience serenity.

This one visualisation can help you at any time to create space so that you can respond to any situation/person with clarity and strength. We all know how easy it is to get enmeshed in irate conversations, to be triggered by a remark, or to feel pressured. If in that moment, you remember to visualise, think, or even trace the Infinity symbol with your fingers, and imagine that you are in one loop, and the distressing/annoying/confusing issue/person is in the other loop; you can instantly create the breathing space you require to disengage from the story and take inspired action. The use of the Infinity Exercise is colloquially referred to as infinitising.

You can infinitise to detach from someone or something which makes you react negatively, or from that which you are trying to control, or from someone or something you are allowing to control you. This exercise draws all your scattered energy back to you, and similarly all the energy of the person, or challenge, back to itself in the other loop. This weakens the energetic links and allows you to meet any situation, person, addiction, or substance with understanding and compassion.

You can learn more about this in Eddie and Ranjana’s book, ‘DETACHMENT - The Secret to Infinite Peace’   available on Amazon Kindle

The Detachment Process

The Detachment Process is probably the most well-known LiberatingTouch®  Process. It is easy to follow once you have read the book ‘DETACHMENT - The Secret to Infinite Peace’ or had a conversation with a LiberatingTouch Facilitator about the process.

Detachment is the most misunderstood concept of spirituality. Detachment can also be thought of as non-attachment. Non-attachment is when the mind and the senses are not affected by external circumstances, situations, desires and people. It allows us to maintain balance even in the most challenging of situations. The mind obscures the Real Infinite Self (SELF), and therefore, the mind can be described as a veil. It is a veil of ignorance, which keeps you unaware of the magnificent presence of the SELF within you. The mind itself is tied down by the sense organs, attitudes, desires, and stories about the phenomenal world, and is bound by these. Thus, one of the first steps in knowing your true SELF is to understand the mind and teach it detachment. Just as removing the firewood from the fire automatically extinguishes the flame, removing the energetic links that bind the mind to objects, habits and beliefs, automatically frees our awareness to experience the power of the SELF.

Detachment allows us to live in the present, free to make empowered choices, to focus on harmony and avoid getting entangled in unnecessary drama and stress. It gives us clear vision, so even in the most challenging situations we are able to come from a place of power, inner confidence and peace. The LiberatingTouch® Detachment Process creates an amazing healing space for the mind, so that we can detach from our stories, attitudes and addictions and experience clarity. Detachment is the secret of Infinite Peace. It endows us with the ability to live a life that is saturated with Love and Truth.

“At first the mind will resist any attempt to detach. It will refuse to let go of its stories, attachments and its thirst for control. Once it has tasted the freedom and peace that arises from detachment, the mind looks forward to the joy of non-attachment. A detached mind is patient, open, clear, and able to delight in the exquisite goodness and beauty of the SELF everywhere.” Ranjana and Eddie

List of Steps

It is important – VITAL – to have either read the book ‘Detachment – The Secret of Infinite Peace and/or have this process explained to you by a LiberatingTouch® Facilitator before you embark on the Detachment journey. The Detachment process is quite powerful and the effect of becoming free from old conditioned negative tendencies can be disorienting.  Please make an appointment with a LiberatingTouch® Facilitator if you are new to the process. Here is a link to the pdf with the 4 steps and three visualisation scripts.


Relax, Connect, and Ask

Ask the Illumined-Self what to detach from. You can listen to the audio for Step 1 here: 

Step 1 Recorded by Angela

Step 1 Recorded by Ranjana


Practice the Infinity Exercise

Visualise the Infinity Exercise with the Finger Holds. Here is an audio for Step 2: 

Step 2 Recorded by Angela

Step 2 Recorded by Ranjana


Use the Detachment Visualisation 

This step will help you complete the process. Here is an audio for Step 3: 

Step 3 Recorded by Angela

Step 3 Recorded by Ranjana


Write the letter to the SELF

It is essential to write this letter in your own words. After you have written the letter, burn the letter, add some water to the ashes, and then pour the water and ashes at the base of a tree. 

Sharing the Love 

LiberatingTouch is a means of knowing Love. That love is Truth and Truth is love


I owe my new found freedom & joy to LiberatingTouch



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