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LiberatingTouch® Detachment Audios


The LiberatingTouch® Sequence for Opening to Wholeness video (2012) 

Introducing LiberatingTouch® (2015)

An Invitation for the Heart of Understanding 8 Day LiberatingTouch® Class (2017)

LiberatingTouch® Video Explorations

Meditative Inquiry plays a huge role in LiberatingTouch. The following video explorations were created for Truth Seekers to explore. 

What is Gratitude? A LiberatingTouch Meditative Inquiry Video to Amplify Gratitude

Open your body-mind to the Power and Presence of Gratitude 

Gratitude and forgiveness are doorways to freedom, love and joy

Surrendering to Grace is the most profound and healing act of love. Gratitude is the highest emotional vibration. To experience both surrender and gratitude with each inhalation and exhalation is truly liberating.

Super grateful when I don’t need approval, recognition or appreciation, the freedom is beyond imagination.

Gratitude and forgiveness are doorways to freedom, love and joy

A pure mind is one that is free from doubt, detached from fear and expectation, selfless and steady. 

A pure heart is filled with truth, devotion, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. A pure heart overflows with love and joyous wonder. A pure mind inevitably seeks to merge with a pure heart.

What is Trust? A LiberatingTouch Meditative Inquiry Video to Unlock the Secret of Trust

We invite you to explore Trust and discover what it means to you. Open your body-mind to the Power and Presence of Trust.

Trust is the ability to let go over and over again, to love free from desire and to open to infinite possibility.

We sometimes forget that we grow in trust in the same way as we grow in wisdom and that trust is not a constant, not a fixed state of being but an ever expanding state of Grace, which we are constantly being breathed into.

Trust is the bridge that allows us to communicate with God (wisdom) in everything, everyone, every moment.

Trust is the vision that allows us to perceive reflections for what they are, witness the bubbles waiting to burst and stay open to miracles (the reality of Love and Truth).

Trust is the antithesis of control

What is Forgiveness? A LiberatingTouch Meditative Inquiry Video to know the beauty of Forgiveness

We invite you to open to Forgiveness and discover what it means to you.

Forgiveness arises and dissolves into gratitude naturally (as dawn follows the night) in a humble mind and an open heart.

Forgiveness is sacrificing the story of "should"...

Forgiveness and surrender are two profoundly effective ways to disarm the mind and reveal the infinite power of the Heart.

Forgiveness is one of Love’s disguises; it disarms the mind’s need for justice and liberates us to live in alignment with the mystery and peace of the Heart.

Love is limitless, without boundary, eternal; it embraces all the darkness, all that we fear, with understanding. It is the kiss of forgiveness, the presence of God, the chaotic order of the cosmos. It is beautiful beyond comparison; ugliness ceases to exist in its touch. We recognise its fragrance in a mother’s arms, in a lovers smile, in a friends glance, but it is everywhere, permeating and sustaining creation. It has one purpose, to merge in Truth.

Without knowing forgiveness one can never really experience the full power/potential of being deserving, worthy and secure in the SELF (Love and Truth)

Forgiveness gives me permission to learn from my mistakes.

What is Grace? A LiberatingTouch Meditative Inquiry Video to discover ever-present Grace

Open your body-mind to the Power and Presence of Grace

Grace is truly indefinable because it has infinite ways to express itself. It is earned through the cultivation of trust, patience, gratitude, service, love and compassion, but mainly trust. Everyone has grace, but not everyone draws it into embodied reality.

One can experience grace as guidance, as expansiveness, blessings, peace, gratitude and more

Trust is the cosmic infinite limitless gift born of trust and intention.

More about Grace at: 

Articles and Books

Return to Joy by embarking on a Gratitude project for 40 Days (just under 7 weeks) Link to the pdf document: Amplify Gratitude in your life for 40 Days

Detachment - The Secret to Infinite Peace by Ranjana and Eddie Appoo

This book outlines the importance of detachment and why detachment is so necessary in creating and integrating Peace in your life. The book will guide you through the Complete Detachment Process. For the KINDLE version of this book, click here

Here are some quotes from this book:

“The secret to a life filled with contentment and infinite peace begins with detachment.”

“Detachment allows us to live in the present, free to make empowered choices, to focus on harmony and avoid getting entangled in unnecessary drama and stress. It gives us clear vision, so even in the most challenging situations we are able to come from a place of power, inner confidence and peace."

"These energetic ties can keep us stuck in a tug of war; in a constant push-pull of intolerant relationships. Wouldn’t you like to end the war and free yourself from the web of limitations and fear?”

A paperback version of this book is available for £11.00 this includes postage and packing for the United Kingdom. Please email us at with your name and address, and we will send you a PayPal invoice, where upon receipt of payment, we will send a copy of the book to you.

LiberatingTouch® Facilitators

These accomplished LiberatingTouch® Facilitators are experienced Wellness Educators, skilled EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Professionals, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioners and gifted Workshop Presenters. They all work internationally online. Kindly email them for further information.

Luisa Anderson

Luisa is a well-renowned and respected consultant, teacher and innovator in the wellness industry. She inspires everyone she works with and is known for her compassion, clarity and healing touch. For those looking for new avenues and solutions to life’s challenges, Luisa has the gift of helping you rediscover your gifts. Based in Bali. 


Ranjana and Eddie Appoo

Ranjana and Eddie are dedicated to the joyful practice of Love and Truth. They embrace a person’s suffering, their confusion, conflict, and challenges with understanding and insight. They specialise in helping people find their way back to power, presence and innate bliss. Based in the UK.

Email: Website: 

Anita Bhardwaj

Anita is an intuitive coach, holistic health professional, and workshop facilitator. Her passion in life is to help you to see yourself as the ‘shining light’ that you are. Anita guides and encourages you on your journey to self-fulfillment, self-love, joy and happiness. She is passionate about helping people around the world break through the cycle of distress and create harmony. Based in the UK.


Shelley Chapman

Shelley is a powerful change agent and has been working with major corporations, companies, entrepreneurs and individuals so that they can have the most effective and transformative leadership strategies and solutions in their hands. She serves by meeting whatever is presented to her with compassion and proactive clarity. Her aim is to help you find the key that will unlock and make real your potential. Based in Portugal.


Aparna Choudhuri

International author, complimentary medicine teacher and naturopath. Aparna has always had a passion for nature’s wisdom and energy medicine Having cured herself of arthritis, thyroid challenges and chronic pain, she now teaches self-help classes and gives private sessions in her clinic. She specialises in working with pain, fatigue and trauma and opening to peace, confidence and trust in the divine. Based in India.


Maria Darkadas

Maria has been working for 20 years with energy therapies. During this time, she has connected with many clients across the world, gaining knowledge and experience about how the human psyche works. Maria’s goal is to empower her clients and provide them with the techniques to become happier and healthier. She loves walking with her clients and students, helping them discover limitless possibilities. Based in the UK.

Email: Website:

Donna Dawson

Donna is all about love and she holds the space for each person with deep tenderness and care. In her own life, she has moved through Lupus, and has been in remission for many years. It gives her great joy and strength when she shares her knowledge, understanding and skills. She can assist you on your journey to recovery and acceptance - to be yourself, to know yourself and to help yourself. Based in the UK.

Email: Website:

Marisha Horsman

Marisha is the founder of Nourishing Light, which provides empowering transformation for women who battle with food and their body, she is also the creator of the transformative Rescue and Recovery program to help free those caught in the binge cycle. Her innate empathy for others, her enthusiasm to serve and embrace life, and her commitment to assist in the healing and transformation of every client, gently and individually, often leads to lasting resolutions. Based in the UK.

Email: Website:

Angela Kirk

Angela is a compassionate holistic healer with a background in Nursing. She uses her intuitive ability to help with emotional challenges and often meets clients when they are at a crossroads of their lives. Her aim is to create a safe space for you to relax and have an opportunity to revitalise and reclaim your power. Having investigated the many pathways of healing, Angela knows how to help you prioritise what matters in your life now and guide you to freedom. Based in the UK.

Email: Website:

Deborah Lacy

Deborah is a gifted practitioner and Art Psychotherapist. She is a no-nonsense therapist who will help you get to the core of your challenges and shift them. She skilfully combines creativity and complimentary therapies in a unique and dynamic way to help you feel empowered in the present. Her own experience of the strength and dedication that is required on the journey of personal transformation together with her commitment to learning has molded her into the insightful professional she is today. Deborah loves swimming, yoga and being a mother. Based in the UK. 

Email: Website:

Kate Sargeant

Kate is an eco-scientist, therapist, educator, artist, mother, and creative change agent. She has worked with governments, corporations, and professionals looking for sustainable solutions. She can take complex situations and challenges, unravel them carefully and reveal lasting solutions. When working with clients she helps them tap into innate wisdom and healing, bringing about balance and harmony. Based in the UK.


Wendy Turner

Wendy has been working for nearly 20 years assisting clients in reclaiming balance in their life and has helped them heal themselves back to a place of peace and contentment. She creates a nurturing space where you can get to know and help yourself. She loves to educate, empower and inspire. She appreciates that the journey of self-discovery is rich and rewarding. At times it can be painful, as well as exhilarating but most of all it is liberating. When not in her clinic, she lectures Bachelor of Health Science students in Adelaide. Based in Australia.

Email: Website:

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