Self-Responsibility is the ability to respond with love and truth in all situations. It is based on ancient principles that guide humankind in its progress towards inner harmony and outer peace. In the Vedas (the Vedas are ancient Sanskrit texts - Veda means divine knowledge) these principles are called Sanathana (eternal), because their origins are not dated, their author is not identifiable, they are the revelations made in the clarified intellects of impartial sages. When responsibility to Self and others is ignored we discover a mind steeped in fear. Being responsible requires us to be aware and consistent with our thoughts, words and actions.

Meditative Inquiry and Unconditional Listening are the two fundamental practical applications of LiberatingTouch® . These are for investigating and understanding the mind (the cause of ALL suffering and separation). They are the the building blocks of Self-Responsibility. 

With LiberatingTouch® we explore the many ways the mind resists responsibility and realisation. Through the process of inquiry, listening and intuitive understanding we liberate the mind from fear, attachment and negative emotions. 

A Few Tips for Unconditional Listening

Become aware of your breath, the tone of your voice, any discomfort or tension in your body, allow your thoughts to slow down and drop your awareness from your head to your heart.  You may want to place your hand on your heart.

Inhale and exhale. Close your eyes and give yourself permission to let go. Let your shoulders drop effortlessly and when you open your eyes see the world afresh, anew, as if you are seeing through the eyes of a baby. Make the choice to pay attention to your intuition. Look at everything around you as if you are seeing it for the first time, feeling for the first time, hearing for the first time and notice the sensations, sounds, colours and shapes. You may need to open and close your eyes deliberately a few times to let go of your judgements, opinions and filters. To see the world with wonder is to be open to the infinite possibilities of Love and Truth. Once you feel receptive to listening without an agenda, with loving awareness, you are ready to ask questions and wait for the answers to arise from the SELF within.

LiberatingTouch is the Art of Healing through Connection to the SELF.

What happens in a LiberatingTouch® Session

Your LiberatingTouch Facilitator will ask you intuitive and relevant questions regarding your life, work, relationships, any problems or challenges. They will ask you to become aware of corresponding emotions and perceptions to the issue you wish to resolve while engaging the energy body and guiding you with visual and physical cues thereby accelerating the process of healing awareness. For example, while holding specific areas on the body you may be asked to open to the following questions, ‘Who am I? Why do I feel trapped? What keeps me from feeling free? Can I ever be truly happy? What story have I created about me, the challenges I experience, my life? the world? What resentments, guilt, shame, irritations, fears am I holding onto, justifying? What would I do if I had no fear? Who would I be if I had no fear?’ This way of working (inquiring and listening) can bring flashes of insight, instant transformation and awe. By connecting to the Truth within you, holding the Energy Balancing Locations while tuning into what affects you, you can witness fear, grief, pain, and stress dissolve into the light of loving awareness. 

By recognising we are not the body, we are not the mind, we are the Universal Absolute, we grow in awareness, heal in alignment with Love and Truth and walk the path of Self-Realisation. - Ranjana

LiberatingTouch® can be used to reclaim your Power (energy). If everything is energy then we can say that trauma, anger, love, money are all expressions of energy. To many, LiberatingTouch® brings, not necessarily miraculous healing, but perhaps a new confidence based on the knowledge that each one of us is an expression of Love and Truth. Each one of us is extraordinary. Each one of us is loved, loving and lovable. It is a process which gives you permission to speak openly about your beliefs, inspiration and experiences, because the fear of being challenged has simply dissolved away. LiberatingTouch® is cleansing, purifying, illuminating, reassuring, loving, and healing. A way to bring wholeness and balance back into your life.

Emotions related to rage, grief, and fear if not expressed or resolved can fester and become attitudes and then show up as mental confusion and volatility or solidify as physical projects. The job of a LiberatingTouch® Facilitator is to help their clients experience and resolve in a safe way fear, rage and grief (and all underlying associations), while creating a loving environment of seeking, playing and understanding. It is a deeply enriching and nourishing experience for both the client and facilitator.

At present there are 14 LiberatingTouch® Facilitators worldwide. To meet them, click here <3  

Sharing the Love 

I'm so grateful for my LT journey, my life has been completely transformed. My faith has been restored. I have faced my disempowering thoughts and I now feel connected to my intuition and more open-hearted. My greatest miracle working with LT was passing my driving test. This was truly a desire fulfilled and has given me more freedom. I can now appreciate detachment and the gifts of letting go and although this is still work in progress I feel held and so thankful to be part of the LT community and witness profound healing. Thank you for helping me from the darkness into light.


Liberating Touch is a transformative and healing process, by making enquiries of yourself through connection via the illumined Self - Liberating yourself from suffering, confusion and pain to healing, peace and love



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