Truth, Intuition and LT Facilitators

Connecting to the SELF (The Absolute TRUTH, Love, Cosmic Consciousness, Illumined Self / Infinite Self - I S) is at the heart of LiberatingTouch®. All our LT Instructors and Facilitators are not only Leaders in their field, Creative Alchemists, Mentors and Liberators, they are guided by Intuition to help you realise your Truth (Joy).

They help bring about:

  • Inspired Understanding
  • Awareness and Clarifying Communication
  • Congruent Action and freedom from fear
  • Profound Transformation and Healing

The LiberatingTouch® Global Team

Our team of LiberatingTouch® (LT) Instructors and Facilitators support you in connecting to the Power of LOVE (Truth) within you and all around you. They are experienced Wellness Educators, skilled compassionate professionals, accomplished workshop presenters and intuitive Healers, Artists, Coaches and Guides.

They all work online and in-person. Please contact them directly to find out their availaibilty and charges. 

They use the LT exploratory set of meditative processes and sequences to help you clear, understand and navigate life's experiences.

What happens in a session

Your LiberatingTouch® Facilitator is here to help you navigate life's experiences, the ups and downs. They'll ask you questions that really get to the heart of things, like how you're doing at work, in your relationships, and with any challenges you're facing. While they guide you through the process, they'll also help you tune into your feelings, and thoughts.

Picture it like this: they're like a compassionate mentor, using both meditative inquiry and gentle touch to help you find your way to healing. For example, they might ask you things like, "What do you really want? How do you take care of yourself? And who would you be if you were free from fear?" These questions aren't meant to stress you out, but to help you understand yourself better and let go of any negative (disempowering) baggage you're carrying. It's all about finding your truth and letting go of what doesn't serve you. Through this process, you'll reconnect with your intuition, find some real moments of clarity (joy), and step into freedom.

Emotions related to rage, grief, and fear if not expressed or resolved can fester and become attitudes and then show up as mental confusion and volatility or solidify as physical projects. The job of a LiberatingTouch® Facilitator is to help their clients experience and resolve in a safe way fear, rage and grief (and all underlying associations), while creating a loving environment of seeking, playing and understanding. It is a deeply enriching and nourishing experience for both the client and facilitator.

Let's Meet the LT Team

Our Global Team has 14 LiberatingTouch® Facilitators including 5 LiberatingTouch® Instructors

Angela Kirk - Instructor

Angela is a compassionate holistic healer with a background in Nursing. She uses her intuitive ability to help with emotional challenges and often meets clients when they are at a crossroads of their lives. Her aim is to create a safe space for you to relax and have an opportunity to revitalise and reclaim your power. Having investigated the many pathways of healing, Angela knows how to help you prioritise what matters in your life now and guide you to freedom.




Anita Bhardwaj - Instructor

Anita is an intuitive coach, holistic health professional, and workshop facilitator. Her passion in life is to help you to see yourself as the ‘shining light’ that you are. Anita guides and encourages you on your journey to self-fulfilment, self-love, joy and happiness. She is passionate about helping people around the world break through the cycle of distress and create harmony.



Deborah Lacy

Deborah is a gifted practitioner and Art Psychotherapist. She is a no-nonsense therapist who will help you get to the core of your challenges and shift them. She skilfully combines creativity and complimentary therapies in a unique and dynamic way to help you feel empowered in the present. Her own experience of the strength and dedication that is required on the journey of personal transformation together with her commitment to learning has moulded her into the insightful professional she is today. Deborah loves swimming, yoga and being a mother.



Donna Dawson

Donna is all about love and she holds the space for each person with deep tenderness and care. In her own life, she has moved through Lupus, and has been in remission for many years. It gives her great joy and strength when she shares her knowledge, understanding and skills. She can assist you on your journey to recovery and acceptance - to be yourself, to know yourself and to help yourself. 

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Dwi Santini

Dwi has been working in the wellness field for over 18 years, specifically in luxury resorts across Asia Pacific. A wife and mother of three boys, she has a compassionate and loving heart. A truth seeker, she has always been attracted to self-improvement and mindfulness. Dwi was awarded Spa & Wellness Hotelier of the year Asia in 2017 by Hotelier awards. Dwi loves serving people and creates an environment where people are inspired to greatness, and helps them achieve things that they never thought possible.




Eddie and Ranjana Appoo - Instructors

Ranjana and Eddie are the co-founders of LiberatingTouch®, authors of “Detachment-The Secret to Infinite Peace” and Directors of the LiberatingTouch Centre. Dedicated to the joyful practice of Love and Truth,  they embrace a person’s suffering, their confusion, conflict, and challenges with understanding and insight. They specialise in supporting people find their way back to Power, Presence and innate Bliss.





Kate Sargeant

Kate is a nature-inspired guide and educator. As a mother, environmental scientist and thought-leader in sustainability and climate change, she brings clarity to complex issues. She works with governments, corporations and professionals to facilitate and create sustainable, future-fit solutions to global challenges. Kate also works with individuals, children and families; unravels their stories and helps map out new insights and ways to move forward.  She uses her intuitive awareness and in-depth knowledge of nature to help individuals unlock their potential and tap into innate wisdom, bringing about balance and harmony. 



Maria Darkadas

Maria has been working for 20 years with energy therapies. During this time, she has connected with many clients across the world, gaining knowledge and experience about how the human psyche works. Maria’s goal is to empower her clients and provide them with the techniques to become happier and healthier. She loves walking with her clients and students, helping them discover limitless possibilities.  

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Marisha Horsman

Marisha is the founder of Nourishing Light, which is all about nourishing you and the Light you are. Marisha guides you along the path of radiant nourishment, that she herself has been travelling since 1998. By unravelling all you are not, and cultivating all that you are, you awaken to your radiant potential. This path begins with healing your relationship with food, embracing your body, to know and experience delight. A long-term love of Eastern philosophy, essential oils, wholefood nourishment, yoga, qigong and astrology inform her work.




Monica Furlan

Monica has the ability to listen deeply and hold a safe space for you to explore your feelings and your thoughts in a non-judgemental way. Her experiences as a human being, a mother, a traveller, an artist, an educator, a friend, a seeker informs her practice of kindness. She will be with you on your journey, supporting you to find your own way, to find joy ‘and the salt’ (flavour) in your life. She likes to use art during her sessions. She loves the sun and the sea.  

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Rosa Lopez

Rosa is dedicated to love and service. She has been working in wellness industry for over 20 years and as a beauty therapist educator for 15 years. Rosa is passionate about detachment, astrology, spirituality and loving God (each other).

She has translated the book “Detachment – The Secret to Infinite Peace” into Portuguese "Desapego – O Segredo para a Paz Infinita" and recorded the accompanying audios. You can find her most days in her beauty clinic at Parades De Coura, uplifting a friend, a client, a student with deep listening and Love. 

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Shelley Chapman - Instructor

Shelley is a powerful change agent and has been working with major corporations, companies, entrepreneurs and individuals so that they can have the most effective and transformative leadership strategies and solutions in their hands. She serves by meeting whatever is presented to her with compassion and proactive clarity. Her aim is to help you find the key that will unlock and make real your potential.




Wendy Turner 

Wendy has been working for over 20 years assisting clients access the gift of connecting and exploring within, so they can understand why they have not fully created the life they desire. She creates a nurturing space where you can get to know and help yourself. She loves to educate, empower and inspire. She appreciates that the journey of self-discovery at times can be painful, as well as exhilarating but most of all it is liberating. When not in her clinic, she lectures Bachelor of Health Science students in Adelaide.




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